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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” – Aristotle

Living Your Design – Foundation Class

The First Esoteric and Exoteric Online Coaching

Learn HOW to speak your TRUTH – Not the Bullshit from your mind

Rave ABC – Diving into your Human Design Experience

“Only after disaster can we be resurrected. It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.”
Tyler Durden - Fight Club

~❂۞❂ LifeChanging Retreats ❂۞❂~

– Growing Immersive Consciousness Experiences –

Welcome to the Sacred Valley in Peru for A Modern Quantum Shamanic Retreat to unleash the Warrior within you!

It’s a powerful Rite of passage to growth for personal & spiritual development. During the last 4 years, Ben did a lot of different workshops and retreat to free himself and release blockages with his past and childhood. Today from his experiences, he mixes a traditional Vision Quest, the Hoffman Process, and an Army Commando Training to empower yourself and release anger, stress, depression, judgement, critics, negatives emotions and grow your awareness to another level of consciousness.

Welcome to Mt Shasta, California – A Native American Rite of Passage

During the all-one time, participants will have a very rare opportunity, in our modern culture, to unplug from technology and be free from distractions and cultural pressures. To have a chance to experience this is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves as it greatly reduces stress and allows us to come into a relaxed and present state of awareness with all of nature, enabling the heart to open and radiate.

Not Available at the moment

At my home or yours, either way I’m here to create the shift!

Whether it’s a physical, emotional, mental or nutritional change you are looking for to assist with your business or yourself – we work together with rigor and discipline towards a better relationship with your employees, children or partner. This private retreat based on BreathWork and Human Design will bring you all the benefits you need to change your life for the better.

During 7 or 10 days, I join your day to come together to create new neurological circuits to bring a massive change in your life, emotional, physical, nutritional and spiritual. Share my energy, my learnings, and experiences – we will work together to clean up your blocks and little by little we will recreate this harmony.

Welcome to Verbier, Switzerland – MasterMind Leadership Retreat

  • Because life is a balance, we offer you the possibility to recharge and balance yourself in this luxury chalet in Verbier.
  • Verbier will offer you the best possibility to recharge yourself in an amazingly beautiful place, during the winter you will have an access to the ski station and so many diverse activities during this amazing week.

Welcome to Panarea, Sicily – BreathWork, Fasting and Juices

Panarea is a beautiful island in Sicily where we are offering to rest Breathwork, fast,and practise yoga. We offering a spiritual retreat to work on yourself, fear and blockages.

Dates coming soon

Welcome to Mt Shasta, California – “The Experience” a Human Design & Breathwork immersion 

During these 5 days, you will get the most profound AURA experience to dive into the Human Design System and Breathe deeply into the program. You will discover Mt Shasta and its beauty. Journey into consciousness with medicine ceremony to help you integrating and living your design.

Not Available at the moment

Ben is one of those persons that you need to meet at least once in your life! He can subtly deliver good energies around him and make people feel like they are understood and as important as anybody else! His understanding of human nature is simple and crystal clear, at least that's what it seems listening to him! 🙂 and he will always leave everyone he meets with a smile on their faces! His retreats and workshops are really life changing ! Thanks Ben! Keep those good vibrations flowing!!