The Way of the Spiritual Warrior

The way of the Spiritual Warrior is not like every mundane way. No, no, no, it isn’t! 
You see, everyone is looking for a complex magical formula to understand why some people are successful and why others are not… 
Well, I use the Human Design System as a tool, and in understanding your mechanics, in living out the rules of your type, your purpose, your profile is naturally fulfilled. The mechanics are simple. Honor the mechanics and despite your design, you are going to get the life you deserve.

It is simple, Human Design is simple… But the whole challenge for you in your process, the only way in which you can leave or transcend the Bodygraph and approach your purpose correctly, is you have to deal with the characteristics. The whole theme of, and the teaching of, Human Design is that we teach strategy and authority in order for a being to come to grips with the power of characteristics in their life, and to ultimately be able to transcend them by operating correctly as themselves. The reward for transcending your characteristics is that you find your role.

Live your design… I dare you to be different

Love yourself 

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