The Original Diary’s #2 – On my way to Burning Man

The Burning Man Adventures

What scares you the most is what you crave for…

Many time in my life, I’ve been scared about doing things, talking to girls, taking a risk, saying NO to opportunities because it didn’t feel right for me…

What I Learned from these experiences, is fear is a great motivation, behind every fear is the person you want to be.

I wanted to be able to accomplish incredible things, I wanted to live a life beyond measure, I wanted to become a risk taker, confident enough to in any circumstance or any time talk to a woman, to a person, to engage conversation to make people smile, laugh, I wanted to say NO and stand up for myself.

Today, I’m driving all the way long to Black Rock city – A.k.a The Playa, Burning Man. I said NO to my mind, and used fears to find the will to follow my intuition, to follow my dream.

I’ve been living this philosophy from the Human Design Systems, following my sacral respond, my motor, this energy center that provides me energy, my intuition who takes cares of me all the time, it sounds insane, crazy, people will say “Gosh are you out of your mind! – you cannot do that, it’s too risky! Oh you have so much courage, I’m to scare, I’m afraid…”

But let me tell you something, life is risky, life is scary for the one who chooses to live his dreams… To live fully!

So here we are, ready to cross the desert of Nevada, maybe for nothing…

Who Dares Win, was the motto from my units in the army.

Wish us good luck


Photos: Yannick Bellissand

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