The life of a 6/2 with relationships

Yo-yo-yo! What’s uuuuup tribe!!!!!
Today I wanted to write a little bit about our beautiful process as a 6/2 Role Model – Hermit, it is a fun way to have a look!
So a quick reminder, relationships, what a big deal for us as a 6/2 right? Let’s clarify a few points that may be a myth, first of all, the 6/2 is seeking is deep soulmate connection, yes, sex is great indeed, but what truly interested us is to know if we do have this soulmate connection, if we can go hours eyes gazing and cuddling, if we can feel safe, and emotionally support!
Intimacy for a 6/2 is “into me you see” it is all about this deep connection.
And this is why usually during our first phase 0-30 we end up with a lot of disillusion and disappointment about our relationships because we are simply not ready yet to go into these kinds of relationships.
During our trial and error period we are here to experiment and have plenty of sexual experience or not, but here to see what is correct for us.
So don’t be too hard on yourself, because each relationships are simply getting you ready for the next one and the next one until we are finally fully ready to embrace our soulmate, and again don’t worry, she is somewhere waiting for ya, and same, getting ready for ya!
We don’t want cheap – we do not do cheap, we deserve high-quality people and this is why we are getting ourselves ready! But unfortunately, the cost can be pricy sometimes, as we often try to model and change our partners the way we want them to be and guess what!! Welcome to frustration land!
Then when it comes to our Saturn return – Time to chill the fuck out! ouch finally, lucky those who make it to 30s, as we usually put ourselves in such shity situations during our 20s that it is a miracle to still being alive! haha
Climbing the roof will take us a couple of years, moving away from suffering, pessimism, trail, and error, the glorious 3rd line to finally enjoy a drama-free life, seeking for more peace, calm, safety and security!
This is during this time that we will heal our wounds, recharge, and become observatory, observing the world will be one of our most favorite activity, I personally truly, fully, enjoy watching and staring at people, while having my little tea sitting on a french coffee terrasse…
From that, we will find one or two things that truly interested us during our trial and error period to master it, we will slowly disengage with the world, to retreat ourselves somewhere, less crowdy, no more drugs, no more bullshits, no more crazy party, or whatever crazy lifestyle we use to live!
And, guess what, this is usually at this time that prince charming or princess Leila show up!
Aaaaaah Finally mo’fucker!!! I’ve been waiting for ages! haha right?
Hopefully, we will enjoy a long sexual pleasant existence with our dear soulmate, longs nights under the blanket talking about the universe and the whole picture of the world, having some chai and watching the world from the top of the hill like the buddha must have been doing before us!
We usually stop being annoying, by being way too serious, the more we get older the more we learn to chill the fuck out and enjoy the simple things in life, getting wisdom in our actions, and mostly aligning our words with our lifestyle. Authenticity and integrity as a way of living, no more bullshit, no more hiding, friends become rare, but at least it is Only Quality People – OQP Bro! yay!
After that, well I don’t fucking know – haha I’m not there yet, but let’s do some fantasy and dreaming with my 41, so I suppose after our 40s we should be all settled, hopefully not in a boring routine, 2 or 3 little monsters running around the house, who knows, usually it is great for us to wait at least until our 40s to have kids, so we reach the maturity as 9 centers being…
And then around 45, like our great friends, Will Smith, Alan Watts, George Lucas, Henry Ford or even Gandhi, we will start slowly to reengage with the world to finally embrace our beautiful badass role model, and at 50 here we are, back in the game, getting busy busy busy, and being so at ease full of wisdom and experience ready to rock the shit on earth!
Obviously this is my own point of view and experience, yours may be different, this is also a short view on what it means to be a 6/2, as I would need to write a book about it such we are truly AMAZING!
So, Welcome to your genetic, welcome to your uniqueness, don’t take it so seriously, laugh at yourself, enjoy your life, but mostly, be correct for yourself, love yourself and follow this damn strategy and authority!
Aho, I love you!
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