The illusion of manifestation & positive thinking from the higher council

Hi brothers and sisters! What a pleasure to share with you some insights from the higher galactic council.

As you start knowing me, I always get messages for myself when I struggle and then sharing with you when I can say “Well I’m living the message now”

Because we all know this feeling of lack of authenticity and integrity when someone is telling us what to do or how to behave and absolutely not doing it. Right! You simply want to reply “shut uuuppp asshole!” ?

Anyway, this article is a bit an exception as I’m at the moment completely experiencing all what I’m gonna share with you. So please I’m not asking you to believe or I’m not saying this is the only way to do. I’m just asking you to experiment as I know it works, but I’m still struggling and learning how to completely deconditioned myself from this insane pressure that we have to take actions and manifest things in order to build our lives.

So let’s have a look about the subject. As you know, I’m a Human Design lover, and a Generator 6/2, Role model/Hermit. Btw really invite you to have a reading with myself if you have no idea what I’m talking about, as it will completely change your life!!! —> Learn about Human Design <—

But anyway, in our modern society, we feel this insane pressure to constantly take actions, and to manifest, to create a mindset, to think positive and through our positives thinking we are supposed to create the life that we imagine. Right ? It’s a very popular concept in the personal development circle —there are plenty of self-help books on that topic. The power of positive thinking or how to manifest quickly is often emphasized at seminars, and personal coaching sessions are all about positive outlook on life. Even on social media, not a minute goes by without someone posting a nice picture that reminds you to think positively and how you can manifest everything in your life by taking actions.

But does it really works? How many people just kill themselves by being crazy trying to achieve goals, or end up with so much frustration, anger, anxiety, stress, or worst lost their self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence… etc etc…

A Spiritual Guru Says Positive Thinking Might Be Doing You More Harm Than Good

And from my experiences, Positive thinking or Manifestation Thinking could come back to bite you if you don’t use it correctly.

I’m gonna turn 30 end of this year, I feel completely roller coaster in my life at the moment and as a good Capricorn I feel a bit huuuuuhhuuuu WTF!

I was sharing with my friend Elyse that I was so impatient sometimes. Let me know guys if you have the same, and then we both realize how society is a huge conditioning to take actions all the time, we feel this pressure to take actions, to make things happen, to manifest things with all this crazy monkey mindset of manifestions and mostly end up with frustration right? Or to constantly being happy, to think positive even when we need to be sad, it’s like avoiding your feeling and living in denied, right?


I personally call it “the philosophy of hypocrisy”


So here is the message I want to share with you, I got from my guides and the higher council each time I try to push things or two to manifest quickly…


“Positive thinking and manifestation mindset are an illusion from your ego to trump you. You already are a powerful creator as you have being designed to reflect the divine essence that shine within yourself.

Everything is already here and waiting for you to be ready, because it’s ready, but are you ready? So each time you feel impatience it means you’re not ready, each time you push and resist it means you’re not ready. The more you try to manifest the more you block the manifesting process that work through you from source.

Your job as a human being is to allow the universe to work through you, your job is to become an expansion of the universe, and allow the cosmic plan to become one with yourself. This is how important you are.

So by trying to manifest all the time and stay in a positive thinking you block the beautiful process of the universe to experimenting emotions and manifestation from source. Like nature life is a cycle, your emotions are a cycle, and sometimes we want you to chill out, in terms to integrate your past experiences.

Life has being designed by us, as a beautiful experimentation on earth. We are master in genetics, and you are the results of our creations, we are not asking you to believe in all what we said, but we are asking you to experiment and completely surrender yourself to the Holy Grand Spirit. Each time you are living in your little mind, in your little ego personality you can’t manifest the divine connection that is within you. By living in your mind or ego you feed your fears and try to force the flow of the universe.

Return to the source, return to the light and find peace again in your heart and you will tune again into this beautiful flow of the universe and start to harmonise the whole.

This is how important you are.

So when you said things aren’t going well, there is a clash in the story,

Source says “all is well for you”
And you say “no it’s not !”
Source says “all is well for you”
And you say “what world are you living in!??

All is well – They sais to me “we want you to chill out”

Let the universe taking care of your business, because abundance flows to someone who is align with abundance… and abundance comes from a relax mindset.

So remember, for us positive thinking is simply about allowing yourself to be and feel in the present moment. For us is about simply accepting what it is in the now, and allowing yourself to breath into it and to feel through the experience you are living in the now.

It’s about self-love and self-compassion…

And the power, the great power of manifestation is about being patient, and being infinitely patient means having an absolute knowing that you’re in vibrational harmony with the all-creating force that intended you here. You know that everything will happen at just the right time, at just the right place, with just the right people…”


“There is great love here”


Born as a starseed, I’m a galactic member from the family of light. I’ve been channeling from the Blue Avians, Arcturians, and the higher council.

Find more about my story on my Bio —> About Ben <— I think what I truly want to share with you is about trust and faith, we are going through an intense process of transformation at the moment, an intense evolution of the humanity, a huge awakening consciousness and by allowing ourselves to feel lost, to feel confuse, we will open our heart to the unknown and let the magic happen.

As I said, there is great love here, it’s now your job to remember who you truly are, work on yourself, heal yourself, and relax… Let things coming to you, and the more I’m able to relax and chill the more I manifest quickly and things come to me. The more I allow my feelings to be, the more I heal and grow faster. And the more I stop the karmic process to repeat again and again the same story.

I hope you will find peace, support and love in my words. There is no magical formula, just relax, breath and chill out.

So, let the universe take care of your business and trust the process. It’s time to return to source my dear brothers and sisters. But remember this is my humble opinion and way of thinking.

The guardian are returning

With blessings

Ben ✌??

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