The Humanity’s Evolution – What is happening?

Where are we going, what is happening to us? I can see how humanity today is in deep deep pain and suffering, how the crowd is lost as fuck and truly struggle with some existential questions about survival and meaning of life.

But if it was a big illusion, a trick from the mind to keep us miserable and ignorant from our true nature as 9 centers being?

The Human Design system came to me in 2012, and it was clear from the beginning that this knowledge wasn’t for everyone, in other words, not everyone is ready to let go the mind decision-making process, to truly fully surrender to what we call life. But anyway, let’s see a bit deeper what the fuck is going on and how can we navigate without any resistance towards this beautiful experience that we have been gifted as life.

I thank you, my dear sister, Danielle Rodenroth who gathered a lot of the following details.




What we need to grasp is about collective consciousness, as we have been in the Global Incarnation Cross of Planning since 1610 and the wheel will turn away from us again in 2027.

We are in an evolutionary process from LEFT (beings before 1781) to RIGHT (beings after mutation in 2027)… We are the interregnum species… a mixture of left and right… and we are here to close the door.

Left and Right are the arrows, the cognitive consciousness of our brain and mind. They gave us the details and information on how we process things and see this world, they are what we call variable in your bodygraph.

The Cross of Planning Cycle is all about organization to support the expansion of the population through working together, institutions.

⬅️85,000 years ago- MUTATION took place in the Larynx.
(12th gate)
-Dropping of the larynx
-ability to establish language and communication
-Articulation of sound

⬅️85,000 YEARS AGO—->1781
Those beings were in a Saturnian (7) centered vehicle—

These beings lived a Saturn life cycle
Saturn’s cycle around the program is 29.5 years…
First half of the cycle 15 years was when maturity was reached
-Most people at that time were married, had been working for at least 7 years, already had children and were considered ‘adults’ at age 15
-Most by 30 would be dead
-Limited vehicle that burned out fast

The world was dominated by left-ness… SURVIVAL ORIENTED
These beings were a different species and died out around 1880. They are not us….
We are left in their world though.

➡️1781- 2027—–9 -centered vehicle arrives into the 7-centered world
-Herschel discovered Uranus
-Uranian life cycle (84 years) emerges
-Pluto in the 41st gate— Signaling the Initiation of a new cycle…
-We moved from 7-centered (left/strategic) beings to 9 centered beings

-Mutation took place in the Ajna, in the visual cortex (COGNITIVE POTENTIAL)
-Eliminated the need for binocular vision in a specific focus which is what the 7-centered vehicle had
-Opened up the potential of peripheral/receptive vision — Opened up the next level of collective processing of information — RIGHTNESS— The receptive deals with organization of vast amounts of information collected and can be retrieved later when it is pulled out (stimulated)

⚡️Uranian Vehicle
-Life cycle is 84 years
-half-life is 42 (age of maturity) (Uranus Opposition)
-3 stages (Saturn 29years, 30-50, Chiron at 50 years)

-Rise in Autism, ‘overpopulation’, prostate cancer
-Earth Heats up as Mutation needs Heat (also human body temp has risen since 1781)
-BREAKDOWN OF THE CROSS OF PLANNING— confusion, failure of institutions, difficulty for communities to work together


Wake up to your true self, your differentiated consciousness so you can be the Midwife for the new species.

-Global incarnation cross turns to Sleeping Phoenix
-The Rave enters
-Pluto on the 41
-Mutation in the 55th gate (Spirit awareness) Solar Plexus

Left – Strategic binocular focused vision, always looking for an advantage in the focus
Right- Receptive vision potential to take in a massive amount of information but not to work with it directly

—The global orchestration directory
—The Macro-mechanism filtering and orchestrating the neutrino ocean
—Can be understood through the Wheel
—64 hexagrams, FOUR Quarters, The center, The Camel, The dog, Four Corners, 16 faces
—A non-living entity, mechanism that controls the cycles
—Driving and orchestrating the mutations of our forms
—Some have referred to as God, Source, Brahma, the Godhead,
—Our greatest educator (Transits through the codes)
—Uses the planets and specific stars that generate and filter neutrinos in a specific order down the fractal, which eventually gets filtered through our vehicles
—Those unaware of the program are puppeted by it (asleep)

-Evolution continues to go from right to left to right to left and back again…
-Mutating us constantly over time and space.
-From 5 to 7 to 9 to 11 centers (11-centered being is about 1300 years away)
-Neanderthals were 5-centered beings.


The key to our evolution is so to understand this mutation that is happening, this transition as Homo Sapiens to Homo Sapiens in Transitus.

Sometimes the mutations provide a physical change but the most recent mutations were on the inside and didn’t affect physical traits much. We often think that mutation/evolution is a thing in history books … but really it is an ongoing thing. We are in a deep transition now leading up to the wheel turning to the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix in 2027.

We are a different species… Ra refers to this interregnum 9-centered new mutated vehicle as Homo Sapien in Transitus… Another species will emerge in 2027 – The Rave Species

WE ARE THE BRIDGE SPECIES — All of us have a mixture of left and right (not just about variables)

The 7-centered left oriented species was all about hierarchy, competition, and homogenizing the sheep in order to control and conquer. Their world was heavily based in the fear of survival.

This again is all part of the Program of evolution. This fear is what pushed our intelligence in order to prepare us for this new cognitive space. We are here to have a unique differentiated awareness. To awaken

The codes of the Universe, THE PROGRAM, the transits of the planets and mechanisms of the stellar background. The program is not a living entity. It is the machine churning the fractal, creating different forms, allow our consciousness to extract/mine for the ‘cosmic being’ but yet, Ra spoke about the universe as an entity not born yet, we were supposed to be in the womb of something.

We, as a bridge species, are here helping close the door to the left. We can awaken, each one of us, to our own authority. No longer bowing down to any external authorities, cultures, religions, rituals, or any other homogenizing mechanism that has been left over from the Left and fucked us up.

And oh boy I know so well this process, the process of deconditioning, of letting go the mind, and his making decision process, to not being in control anymore, to truly surrender to “the unknown” to “What is in the now”

Since the beginning of learning about this knowledge, I learned how often we unintentionally (and intentionally) condition and influence others. We think we are helping. It is a pattern, an imprint from the last Cycle. We are not here to be manipulated and controlled by anything (even the program/planetary transits)

We are here to let the form (not the mind) lead the life and to watch, observe, communicate and express outer authority to the world with no motivation other than self-expression. 

We are deeply deeply deeply receptive and passive, deeply not in control and simply passenger consciousness. 

Handing your authority away to others can be subtle… Did you already make a decision about something and then your friend says ‘You should do xyz….’ and then you follow it? Or your parents? Etc. If what they suggest is correct with your strategy and authority, then great…. Otherwise, your geometry, your location of your fractal/energy signature is heading towards resistance….

We are flying through space ALWAYS…. Even though it seems like we are not moving… This is all about geometry, location, resistance or flow, is your energy signature in alignment with its place or is the vehicle getting worn down?

You are not here to Bow Down to anyone or anything… Not an ancient mystical promise, a collective belief, the fear of ‘gods’, your parents, partners, etc…. STOP TRUSTING THE AUTHORITY OF OTHERS

Learn your Strategy and Authority, surrender to your vehicle, bring awareness to the Notself, Learn your codes, your roadmap, stop making mental decisions, take care of the vehicle, recognize who is healthy for you and who is not, use your correct voices (gates in throat) to communicate, release the fear of survival….

After all, there’s nothing else you can do… The mind has to come to terms that it is not in control of this form, this is our last lesson. We are here to watch the movie, be the passenger as the vehicle travels down it’s fractal line, digesting and extracting consciousness through your crystals processing the neutrino ocean. This cycle ends in less than 8 years.

You are not here to save the world or the species, you are here to save yourself by awakening and planting your Cross so you can do what you are here to do.

So my dear brothers and sisters, are you with me on this journey of self-awakening and self-expression? 

I truly invite you to claim back your title as “god” because this is what you are, a truly divine spark of light shuffling through the fractal line…

Looking forward to working together. Lots of Love, Ben. 


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