The Experience – Human Design

The Experience

We are all here to see differently. All of us, to see with a different eye.
And I’ve been seeing a lot of, doubts, confusions, crisis, questions about nuances of invitations, about what does “respond” mean, how to respond? What Manifestors are here for, etc. and it seems like that everyone wants to get to some sort of agreement in what is exactly and specifically correct, absolutely the truth…
Please keep in mind – Today’s transit is 15 – Modesty – The Gate of Extremes
The quality of behavior which expresses the proper balance between extremes
6th line – Self-defense
-Modesty that is never confused with weakness.
  Constant reexamination to weed out the weakest aspect. The power of the Self in exploring the extremes to find the weakest point.
  -A tendency to use harmony as a weapon in problem situations rather than focusing on the root causes. The power of the Self to ignore the weakest point in favor of harmony
This is where the pattern for the love of humanity is rooted. And if there is something that Human Design brings to us is our ability to be unique, so we can love ourselves.
The modesty find through the extreme behaviors to see, and BE in this world an absolute unique way.
So I just wanted to remind everyone that Human Design is an E X P E R I E N C E
The entire point is not to, again, make HD into mental discipline like all those other fancy spiritual gurus stuff.
Human Design is a translation of a spiritual source knowledge into a practical information that can be used as a guidance on how to navigate the MAIA
This is the traduction of the spirit realm, the consciousness itself into a logical mechanic of how the program works.
The basics are clear… And as Bruce Lee, 6/2 said, MASTER THE BASICS
– Learn about mechanics
– Follow your S&A for 7 years
– Experiment and find your own path to salvation.
The whole point of this knowledge is to wake up to the passenger consciousness. To help the mind to recognize its place and role. 
And for that you gonna need to experience by yourself what it means to be a 9 center being. Nobody else can do it for you. This is your experimentation. 

And please recognize that some experiments will fail and some will succeed, then you learn from those and move on.
So in the end, The Human Design is not something you confirm with others and then come to an agreement in how YOU should proceed. You are on your own. You truly are.
Learn the mechanics with others but experiment on your own. Because you ARE unique and your path and how you will have to deal with the Maia will also be unique. We are built to differentiate. 
Finding your path will be easy, but staying on it will be the challenge as the more you walk further the more obstacles you will find, the more people will try to get you back to the zoo as the more to wake up the less interest you will have for the none-sense of homogenization. 

Make no mistakes my friend, Enlightenment is a very destructive path, and lonely path. But this is the calling of your soul and your birth right. Being awake and aware is mundane.
Ra gave us the general layout of the mechanics and the formulas, not specific ones for each individual, those are for us to find out as we come to meet our own true nature. 
This is the encounter with your soul.
So once you enter the experiment, you have to understand what it means to experiment – the results you find are your own. And there are no turning back.
See, this is the irony of humanity, they all want to be unique but they all afraid of being different. Homogenization is the greatest evil of the century.
You have to be courageous and rigid in holding the formulas but flexible in your experimentation.
The experiment will not go well if you’re not willing to take some risks. The safety that you need is in understanding the mechanics, not in making the experiment into some strategic construct.
I prefer 30 years full of experiences as myself than 90 years safe around the corner living like everyone.
But remember, all of this is about loving yourself. If you love yourself you will have a good life.
With Blessings & Love
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