The dilemma between the Splenic and the Solar Plexus center.

Hello beautiful people, today I wanted to talk about a fascinating subject: The dilemma between the Splenic and the Solar Plexus center.

I came into the world with an open emotional system. I know what kind of chaos exists on the emotional plane as I can truly feel it. But I’ve also had the great pleasure, the great experience of being with emotional beings that are clear. And there is nothing, truly nothing, more beautiful than an emotional being that is clear! The beauty of the emotional wave is really a trip, it is, and what a gift to be around clear emotional people.  

This week I had huge challenges around a girl I met, I’m a splenic being, Pure generator, sacral & spleen activation by 15-5 and 10-57.

For me it’s always in the now, at the second I will meet you, you will end up my friend, my lover, or my enemy… and I’ve no idea why! It’s a body sensation, and it is what it is…

She is MG emotional and obviously wasn’t aware of it… with a total open spleen, I let you imagine how it ends up …

In a week I created way more drama than I ever created in my life! lol I exaggerate but Fuck yeah… I’m open SP with two dormant gates, 36.5 & 6.5 both in my personal nodes, and I have truly no idea how it feels to be an emotional person… And bonus, a completely open throat, I simply cannot trust what is coming out of my mouth! What a fucking joke!

Anyway, let’s have a look at how it works!

I believe the most important breakdown we can do before anything else, even before type is to have a look at 52% of the population is emotional and the rest no emotional…

What does it mean? It means that for at least the biggest majority of the people on earth the truth will never be in the now. And I remind you that the Solar Plexus is the first authority in the Human Design, he trumps all the rest. 

What a powerful motor, the awareness of the emotional consciousness! Clarity, emotional clarity and those people will never have 100% of clarity. 

And this is a big dilemma for us who are only in the now… We are deeply conditioned by the SP, to wait and to not trust our feelings in the now. And they are conditioned to live a spontaneous life and take emotional decisions in the now… What a joke again! 

So by pretending to be a badass I simply succeed to create suffering for her and myself – absorbing her wave I took decisions on an emotional state and it was completely immature, thank god it took me only a week to realize it…

I can feel love the first second I meet someone – but I can also break up and cut the cords in a second… The awareness for open Solar Plexus is to recognize that those feelings are not ours, and mostly be aware of the addictions to the high of the emotional wave! 

Hope it gave you enough to think for this time, and I will see you soon on our Living Your Design course who start October 6 where we will dive deeply into each center! 

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Stay beautiful 

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