– Spiritual Entrepreneur Training –


Powerful 5 weeks online Group or Private Training,

Shift from Business to Business to Heart to Heart!

 Become correct for yourself, travel the world and make money from your passion!

Why Spiritual Entrepreneur? Why is this training for you? How can it help you to thrive? How can I travel the world and work online? and actually What is a Digital Nomad, and What the fuck, What is this training about! it looks so good!  

Right, many questions you have in your head right now, so let’s have a look. Shall we? 

Introduction – So Why? 

The reason WHY I called it the Spiritual Entrepreneur Training is because I believe in a world where the vast majority of people wake up inspired to go to work and go home at the end of the day fulfilled by the work they do. This is for me the definition of Spiritual Entrepreneur. Is allowing yourself to be in service of the higher purpose and share your gift to the world. One thing that can contribute to that world is for more and more people to understand and be able to articulate their Why – the higher purpose, cause or belief that inspires them. When people have clarity of Why, they will find individual fulfillment by making meaningful contribution to the lives of others.

Thank you again for your trust, for embarking on this journey to inspire people to do what inspires them. Together, we will change our world! 

And we will! 

Is it for everyone? 

Let’s keep it simple, before anything else, you are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world, and this training is NOT for everyone! It is for those who both, have already a business or those who start from scratch. If you have some ideas and you don’t know how to start your own business, if you don’t know how to sell yourself, or if you need a boost to skyrocket your activity. If you are a coach, a healer, a yoga teacher, an artist, or whatever is your background this training can help you to discover your purpose and passion and get paid for that.

But mostly this training is for those who are ready to do whatever it takes to change, to grow, to live their dreams. This training is NOT only for spiritual people. The word “Spiritual” is for me being aligned with our higher purpose!

The moment you stop being in control of your life, your life is perfectly financed
``Your SMILE is your LOGO,
How you leave others FEELING after having an experience with you becomes your TRADEMARK``.
- Jay Danzie

Business Tips from the training:

What I have seen many times when people are looking to start out in business is that they delay getting started because they are still designing their logo or getting their business card design just right!

Follow the quote above and don’t let these things stop you, just start and build your dream by serving others. Wear your logo on your face as a warm welcome smile and keep your business card in your heart to serve others and leave people with a nice feeling and people will always remember you and come back!

“People buy from people that they know, like and trust.”
“The bigger the problem you can solve for people the bigger the reward.”
“Selling is Serving”

What do I will learn from this exclusive 5 weeks training?


  • A full 360° check of your life in terms of finances, jobs, family, passions etc
  • Is it possible to live our dreams? If yes How to find your purpose, inner passion, inner drive.
  • How to find your value and skills and mostly how to stop procrastinating?
  • When we have our purpose, passion how find a niche, what is the purpose of setting goals, and how to set goals?
  • From that understand who business works with the golden circle “ WHY – HOW –WHAT”
  • Guidelines for finding your products and creating packaging. Tactics to get experience as an entrepreneur – basically sharing all the mistakes that people do.
  • Understand the language of money – How to heal your wounds with money and attract real abundance.
  • Templates for coaching/selling conversations designed to close your prospects
  • Learning how to present yourself, building your identity.
  • Selling strategies for getting your first paid client (and then another one, and another…)
  • Overcoming Sales Objections
  • How to build a database of clients by using software and scheduling your rdv.
  • Going through all the believes systems with money / The 3 guilt of money and the difference between rich & poor people.
  • A meditation to heal wounds with money and create abundance
  • And so much more!

Introduction to the first week

The first week will be based on very simple principles. That will give us the tones on what you truly want to give back to the world. How you can express your soul through create amazing things.

  • How you make your money is way more important than how much you make” and this is for me the Why Spiritual Entrepreneur. It’s about asking yourself the right questions. If money doesn’t exist, HOW I would like to spend my time? What will I do every day? These words from Alan Watts changed my life many years ago! 

First step: Figure out what your heart says to you, what your soul want? WHY because this is your purpose! I’m looking forward to selling happiness to humans being!  

  • “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs. This single quote should answer the WHY this training is for you! And if it’s not enough, well “It is not the things we do in life that we regret, it is the things we don’t do.” from Randy Pausch an American teacher should bring the final word. You have some dreams, don’t let them perish!

Second step: If today is the last day of my life, do I continue to do what I’m about to do today? Don’t you want to see the world? Discover new cultures? 

  • How can you travel the world? This is what you will learn during this training, I will share with you many different options on how you can generate money online, from affiliations, sponsoring, and selling your own products! So for that, we will have a whole session on HOW can you find your skills, your value, and convert it in income!

Excited? Sign up for the training to see your vision coming true! 

Inspired by great leaders and based on the Golden Circle from Simon Sinek, being a Spiritual Entrepreneur is about those 3 magical Words:

  • WHY => The Purpose: What is your cause? What do you believe? Very few organizations or business or people know WHY they do what they do. WHY is not about making money. That’s a result. WHY is a purpose, cause or belief. It’s the very reason your organization exists.

Example: Apple, we believe in challenging the status quo and doing this differently

  • HOW => The Process: Specific actions to realize the WHY. Like Les Brown said, some people make things happen, some people watch thing happen, and some people don’t know what happens… HOW we do it. These are the things that make them special or set them apart from their competition.

Example: Apple, our products are beautifully designed and easy to use.

  • WHAT => The Result: What do you do? the result of WHY. Proof. Every single organization, company, business, knows WHAT they do. these are the products they sell, the services they sell.

Example: Apple, we make computers