Shamanism & Witchcraft

~❂۞❂ℕa†ive §piri†❂۞❂~

– An old sacred knowledge –

Shamanism is the most ancient spiritual discipline found all over the world, which forms the base for all other religious, spiritual or mystical tradition. It’s base is to discover, explore and integrate our connection with Nature – both our environment and our profound nature of being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Shamanism helps us understand and go through the different stages of life, called rites of passage, such as birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, marriage, parenthood, our wise years and our death. Each of these rites of passage are lived through our lives without exception, and with proper ritual and consciousness, and in harmony with natural evolution and Nature can be lived with grace and deep understanding to better prepare and go through each step of our lives.

Shamanism is a life path for some, while for most it is useful in those moments of life transitions or desperation. As a shaman, one is known to communicate with spirits, understands natural energy flux, and the mechanics of living beings including humans, animals and plants. Through this understanding, shamans are brought to help heal, bring knowledge, perform ceremonies and rites of passages, all to better understand and evolve in harmony with each individual’s life process in accordance to their own nature and with Nature.

Shamanism is beneficial to our growth, our health, and raising our consciousness of our true purpose and to live in a grounded but spiritual way. It can be mystical, but mostly it is very practical in providing resources for healing, growing, and understanding the different life processes that we all go through.  Shamanism can help organize communities, resolve conflicts, and bring insight into life’s natural and spiritual aspects that provides material success and results in living harmoniously with others and our environment.

When called to become a shaman, one usually goes through a rigorous process of self-learning until the student is ready to meet his guide or teacher, that comes to them naturally. Seeking to become a shaman is a strange thing.  Usually, one is called through dreams, life trauma, or through inheritance. Becoming a shaman is a very difficult and individualistic path which brings many separations, if not trauma from the family, friends, and society including hard and open love relations. This process is not for everyone, as it is quite destabilizing and truly difficult to integrate. On the other hand, shaman’s can help with all aspects of life including health, relationships, family, friendship, love, evolution, education and community.  Since the the shaman lives from a naturally marginal point of view, the shaman can bring much clarity to most situation sand usually advices with many resources that can bring practical solutions to many  life processes.

Shamanism is the most ancient and powerful spirituality. It’s the blood of primordial man. Shamans are technicians of the deeply sacred. They are the universes powerful links between other dimensions, worlds and realms

Shamanism will always exist, as it is a fundamental aspect of nature’s way to bring about understanding to human existence. It is a wonderful path with many benefits that truly help life’s evolutionary process.


Drum Journey

Trance Dance

Soul Retrieval

Medecine Wheel

Vision Quest

Sweat Lodge

Fire Walk

Spirit Offering

Dark Retreat

Season Greetings (equinox and solstice ceremonies)

Rock Seat Meditation

Plant Medicine Initiation




Adolescence to Adulthood



Wise Age

Death & Burial

* Baptism – Shamanically, it is the sacred entrance of the child back into Nature. Shamanically, we gather the nature spirits and baptise the child to Nature in a natural water spring or source – this enables the child to be protected by Nature spirits and follow a Natural walk of life.