❤️ I am here for you ❤️

This is where we are asking to move to – The Cross of The Sleeping Phoenix, which is the Background Frequency that is establishing at the moment – This is What is happening.
We are asking to be responsible for our own shits, to actually do the work, to heal, to lift up one another, to activate one another.

? Self-Empowerment, Self-Reliance, Individualization, Being our own authority. Learning HOW to be our own parent, parenting our inner child.

? See, this is my trip in this life, and NOTHING, I said NOTHING excited me more than seeing people growing out from their own bullshits, Nothing excites me more than “witnessing” people going for their own light, supporting and guiding people for they own self-love journey. Thriving into a GOD or GODDESS.

? To remember they were born pure in essence, to show them HOW they can shine the light again, to remind them that it is our birthright to experience JOY, LOVE, HAPPINESS, WELL-BEING and that they do have the choice, that they are a creator, that they can be, do and have whatever they deserve by simply aligning the personality with the vehicle, to be this passenger consciousness. To witness their own purpose unfolding in their lives. Without seeking anything because everything is already here, waiting for you to be ready.

?‍♂️ This is what I teach, this is my work, my professional work and since 2012.

So, my dear Brothers and Sisters, I hear you, I truly hear you and see you. I feel you, I feel your sorrow, your pain, I feel your confusion or frustration, I feel the heaviness in your heart, I do feel everything and I want you to know that I am here for you.

 But let’s set healthy boundaries, I’m not a dump truck trash, be aware of it – I’m not a nanny, I’m not here to do things for you, I cannot do the work for you, I am NOT offering a quick fix, but I am here to assist you, to show you the path, like Elders, did for me.

As long as you dare to be correct for yourself. As long as you dare to be big and to shatter your comfort zone, to confront yourself, I’m here for you.

 If you dare to stand out for your individuality, I am here for you.

? I am in the wolf business, I’m not rude, I choose my side, and there is nothing glorious to play small or to hide or light by fear to make people insecure.

So, What do you desire? What do you want from your life?

More Satisfaction?
More Peace?
More Success?
More Joy, love, happiness?
More clarity, awareness, freedom?
More sex, money?
Better relationship?
Deeper connection?
Stronger boundaries?
More effective communication?
More recognition?

Well, this is my path to support you to be correct for yourself.

I have been traveling the world failing, learning, growing, dying, rebirthing, dying again, rebirthing, teaching and most importantly, embodying the essence of deliberate liberation, freeing my spirit from all the conditioning imposed by peers, society, family, society…

I am here for you, I can meet you because I met myself

I am here to share with you my experience.
And to remind you that you can, stand, here in the world, as yourself.

? So would you, stand as yourself, on my side, and claim back your own individuality?

Or would you give up again, your authority and return with the rest of the zoo, being a sheep…

The choice is yours, red pill, or the blue pill, but remember I offer nothing else than the truth about your true nature.

I am here for you 

Message me for a chat, and let’s book you into your first healing session.

With Blessings & Love

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