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Hi, I’m Ben, Visionary & Mystic


Starseed, born psychic, with a range of extra sensory abilities, Ben is a Spirit Consciousness Guide. He translates spiritual knowledge into a logical and practical vision to express a fearless leadership helping to build and shape society to it’s best potential. Ex Special Forces member, his experiences became the catalyst for a great change. Generator 6/2, Breathwork Facilitator, Human Design Guide, he is here to demonstrates how to live uniquely with authenticity and great inspiration.

The Ultimate Generator Training

Human Design System

Consciousness Hacking
By unploging from the Matrix and reconnecting to our true essence we shift frequency and vibration to a unique free consciousness

Shamanic BreathWork

The relationship with yourself will be the only true one relationship
that you will have your entire life, and it all starts with breathing…

Alchemist Training

Learn inner Alchemy and the secret of transmutation energy.
The power of medicine plants and the breath to shift our consciousness


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Only after disaster can we be resurrected.

It’s only after you’ve lost everything that

you’re free to do anything.

Ben is an amazing human being! His coaching has helped me understand more about my nature as a Projector and who I am and to be where I am right now, which is pretty awesome. Thank you so much
- Sia Di, CEO & Author at LuvMaking

Work with Ben
– Leadership – Healing – Workshops – Retreats –

“It’s an invitation you may not be able to accept if you want to, or decline if you don’t.
It’s an invitation to fight in a war like no other; a war where loss is counted as gain, surrender as victory,
and where the enemy you must face, an enemy of unimaginable superiority, is your own mind.”

Are you ready to move from Frustration to Satisfaction?

Our World is Changing

The structure of our universe is evolving and you are invited to merge into it

We are emerging into a whole new world and our old ways of doing and being just won’t work for us any longer.

  • Individual Sessions
  • Human Design System
  • Shamanic BreathWork Journey
  • Workshops & Retreats
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“Ben told me so much about how to live a life in alignment with my true nature, what he teaches in is Mentorship Program is simply incredible” – Luke Scott International Public Speaker

Hire Ben to Speak

Philantropist & Philosopher, Visionary Mystic, Ben has been speaking on stage since 2014.
He translates Spirit Consciousness Knowledge into a pragmatic and understable way
to grasp what it means to experience the world of the form as human.

Business or Private Event, Ben fulfil his purpose through Mutation

Interview on Psychedelic – Dr. Robin Carhart-Harris

HOPE Documentary

Human Design Podcast – Season 1

Podcast With Steve Nobel


Blog & Media

As a philanthropic, visionary, author and reporter, Ben dedicates his life to sharing information and bring consciousness knowledge to humanity through his own experiences, interviews and articles.

Ben has his own Youtube Channel Conscious Spirit Media, a worldwide brand that interviews many different types of people from all walks of life.

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