New Year Resolution is a trap!

Hey hi everyone, would you like to read what’s new this month? I have to admit that it has been years that I haven’t published an article on my website, I just didn’t have any energy to do that, nor to take care of the website…

But anyway, before celebrating anything, did you guys had some great holidays and Xmas time with families and beloved people in your life?

Personally it was great, challenging day on the 25th but wow I got so lucky to celebrate my Solar Return with 60 people that came to enjoy a 3 days shamanic event for the so call New Year. We had such a good time between Fire ceremony, Cacao, ecstatic dance, Flower Bath on the morning…

A bit of humor about Xmas, now that it is over let’s run to the next new thing to celebrate right?!  What a trap… I don’t know for you but this time of the year can bring so much pressure to accomplished things, like a pressure to do…

Well, all of the next following gates are in the root, the 58 with a pressure to correct for perfection, then the 38 and 39 in earth, such pressure to find something worth fighting for, to find the spirit, to provoke this fear of emptiness, Gosh what a trap to set new years resolutions during this time as it has nothing to do with us.

It is simply the program pressuring us, pushing us to change or evolve, you know we are still in the quarter of mutation…



But anyway, Happy New Muggles Year!

The Human Design Rave New Year is January 22, when the sun enter the 41st Hexagram, and the 41st hexagram is very important in the context of the way in which patterns operates.
The 41st hexagram, this gate is in the root center and it is the pressure that launches the human experiential way. In fact, when one looks at the 41st hexagram in terms of its relationship in genetics, to codons, that it represents the only start codon.

If one could look at our genetic code it has a collection of sentences and information. It’s like the capitalization that takes places at the beginning of the sentence. No genetic sentence can begin without a start codon.

So in essence, the 41 is the key to understanding the beginning of any cycle. When the Sun enters into the 41st gate we begin the new year.
Interesting enough, the new year begins on the Cross of the Unexpected.

And that is, that basically each new year opens up as a mutative potential in which the unexpected is something that’s possible. Everything in that sense begins with, in terms of our human process, begins with this.

Now you can see what the 1st of January is a trap… Look at the wheel…

Alright, I still have less and less energy to do things, as I can see sitting more and more into this home that is waiting to respond… I can have a lots of sadness and some FOMO with my mind that is telling me “but you need to put yourself out, you need to write content and post, and you need to stay tuned with the world and bla bla bla…”

Well, I tell you what I need … Its to chill the fuck out… 6/2, Ra said that the mystical aspect of those two lines is “separated from the call” unless its a good call, and yet even if it’s good, I may simply don’t have energy to move.

Just hilarious as fuck because I can truly see what he meant by When a generator live according to his strategy and authority he will face mental anxiety fear as fear of loosing control, fear of the unknown, etc”

And I’m still dealing times to times you know with the perfection thing, always trying to be perfect the first time… But still remember this quotes from Les Brown, “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start, if you want to be great

Yep… so, what’s new, not much to be honest, I just don’t really know, I may start some classes soon, I will be super excited to have you so we can continue with journey with more depth.

I keep posting informations when I feel so, I should release some audios and more courses from Ra for you to listen…

And we stick with our Sundays, to gather and experiment what’s coming 🙂

To be honest I kind of feel life is in stand by for the moment, that we are all holding our breath and counting down like a NYE 10,9,8,7,6,5…. for 2027 to be here…

Ra said it, the mutation under 6th line at the moment is unbelievable, to mutate, the job will kill us if we don’t take that seriously some ways!

It’s real, and it’s coming, nothing to be afraid of, but we must do the work to live according our nature.

Voila voila folks! I believe that’s it for now 🙂

You can find me in The HUB27

and mostly close to the guitar playing music and waiting for life to pass…

I will see you soon, lots of love! And may you never ever be the same again…

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