How to change your thoughts by speaking your Human Design

Hi everyone, it has been a while since I haven’t share any thoughts or insights with you. And a few days ago, I was listening to one of my audios that I have from Ra on my library, and I was so amazed when he said, speaking about the open Ajna center, that none of us had, never ever, an original thought!

I mean how profound is that. It has simply been dumped like a garbage in our head. Can you imagine that? We spend our lives thinking and making decisions based on the huge amount of shit that has been discharged in our head…

So, if you have a desire to change the way you think and behave it is completely, 100% possible. For that I want to invite you to look at your bodygraph, and look at the name of your channels. We are going to speak the language of your life force energy.


Also, keep in mind, the brain is acting like a super giant computer program that is constantly forming new connections and molding itself into how you’re telling it to operate. By practicing self-awareness and staying mindful of your inner dialogue, you can rein in those negative thoughts and destructive habits and start right now being a better, more positive you.

Read that again! I have the 15-5 channel, it is all about patterns, logical patterns! By paying attention to my patterns, to what kind of pattern I respond to, I can rewire my brain. Do you see what I mean?

Begin to monitor your thoughts on a daily basis. Begin to monitor HOW DO YOU FEEL. The beauty of human evolution is that we’ve developed two selves: the primal one that does and the evolved one that monitors. You are able to observe yourself and your thoughts 24/7. This is the awakening to the passenger consciousness, this is what we are teaching during our classes in “Living Your Design

With every thought that raises a red flag, stop for a second and think about it. Where does it come from? Open center, open gates? Was it negative? Destructive? What triggered it? Does it seem logical? Is is a pattern of mine? You will notice a pattern to your thoughts as you begin practicing self-awareness.

Define your thought patterns. After a week or so, take a hard look at that pattern. Try to identify where does it coming from? Maybe most of your thoughts are negative, and coming from the not-self who is acting like a 3rd spoken person in your mind, you are critical of yourself or others, or you experience unnecessary thoughts that aren’t important or beneficial to you. For each person it will be different. Once you identify this pattern, you can go about stopping it. And the way you can indeed stop it is by observing what is you and what is not you.

Please remember, the not-self mind is like a third person speaking in you head, living in your head without paying any rent… Just saying!

This is why, for those of you who joined The HUB27 you will have access to classes to master the 4 basics which are:

  • Who do you listen to?
  • Teachability Index
  • Training Balance Scale
  • 4 level of learning

And for today I want to focus on the last one, which is our 4 step to learn an information. we all go through this process to create a new pattern:

  1. Unconscious Incompetent
  2. Conscious Incompetent
  3.  Conscious Competent
  4. Unconscious Competent

The auto-pilot! Realize that for all your actions and thoughts you are getting some reward. Life isn’t moralistic, it really ins’t – We simply learn to put judgment on everything instead of looking at things the way they are – It is what it is, think about the word JUSTICE – IT JUST IS…

Now, be mindful of the words you use in your mind and what you say to others.  Your words can hurt people – including yourself – and this can only have a negative impact upon yourself and your resulting behaviors and thoughts. Change the story.

Bring awareness to your process of learning and apply the technique, consciously apply to the point it becomes unconsciously competence… The auto pilot of the great positive thinking!

If your thoughts seem to go insane, tell yourself to stop. Just stop. Divert your attention to something more positive that keeps you on track. Bring back the focus on what is you, what is your design, what are your channel, what is your life force expression!

Now for those with a defined Ajna, well, this is your original thoughts process, look at what is coming out of it, how are you defined? As you have a fix and narrow way of thinking.

Choose your reactive behaviors. As a child you are told to think, behave and to adopt certain belief systems which often shape the type of person you become. Some fears and insecurities you developed can also be carried through into your adulthood. Often, we get stuck into action-reaction patterns, not realizing we could interpret the situation and react any number of ways. When you have a negative reaction, this is an opportunity to assess it.

Develop new thoughts to create these new, positive habits. You’ve identified your bad thoughts, you’ve stopped them, and you’ve replaced them with good ones. It is simple as it is. But it will takes time and vigilance.

It can also be indeed very painful to move from a shity mindset, to a healthy mindset. No kidding, the mind really likes the dirty place he has been staying in… And usually doesn’t want to let go, and if you have an open spleen, oh boy, holding on what isn’t good for you can indeed be your thoughts process… So again, go back to what is you in your chart! It will become a routine, just like your old thoughts became habit. As long as you stay mindful, aware here and now, and believing it’s possible, it will happen. That’s what brains do anyway!

Good luck with rewiring your brain, and looking forward to seeing you in sessions to work together on those naughty annoying thoughts!

With Blessings & Love


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