How can I get rid of the frustration?

Hello all of you, it’s a real pleasure to put all these things together!

And what a better way to start our week than to understand a bit more about ourselves?
Today I want to share some insights about the Aura, the Generator, and before I feel I want to first thank you, all of you; you are today more than 7.000 on Instagram and 4,000 on FB!

See, everyone is talking aura, frequency or energy. This is a new age, but only a few truly grasp what it means to have an aura.
It’s a mechanic, it truly is. The aura is the mechanic of our program, and it’s projected by our magnetic monopole who pulls everything together and keep us into this illusion that we call life. The Maya, or the Matrix.

It is a giant computer program! No joke!
It’s a mechanic, and Generators have an obligation to recognize that the mind is not for decision-making and to instead listen to the Sacral voice. As most of the world is driven by Generators, that obligation is important to their own well-being and that of the world. In giving up authority to the mind, they will likely experience frustration that results from:

-Initiating (or acting) before taking time to hear the Sacral voice
-Feeling stuck in the wrong career and relationships
-Losing the motivation to invest oneself fully out of fear of meeting resistance
-Suffering from sleep disorders due to incorrect use of energy, which interferes with natural recharging of energy resources.

Generators who constantly move into action without responding to the Sacral voice risk wasting energy resources that would support them in following through on goals and reaching new levels of productivity. Relying on the mind for decision-making results in ever-increasing anxiety and, ultimately, stagnation.

So what happens is that it creates such a massive distortion in the aura, the frequency that you were born with is no longer operating properly and it broadcasts huge frustration energy.
You are responsible for the collective consciousness on this plan by the energy you put out.

This is an unnatural dynamic for a Generator, as the energy that could be used productively is wasted on trying to make things work that were likely to fail from the beginning. The frustration is compounded because Generators have an open and enveloping aura, so their “Sacral well-being” (satisfaction) or “Sacral dysfunction” (frustration) is felt by everyone around them.

Generators caught in this dynamic feel more and more stuck over time as they don’t have energy available to keep working. That’s why intense frustration is often the main theme of a Generator whose life is driven by the bad decisions that result from an inability to access their Sacral voice and energy

Do you resonate with this? Can you see yourself?

I invite you to book your reading, and start your journey into Human Design, stop the cycle of frustration and empower yourself!

Thank you to Ra Uru Hu, and Jovian Archive to put it all together.

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