Georgia on my mind

Georgia is a country that deserves to be experienced. Tbilisi is a great, vibrant and dynamic city where it’s just nice to be. There are seaside resorts such as Batumi where you can swim with the dolphins. The mountains are very impressive, reaching heights of over 5,000m, punctuated with villages so remote that they have their own dialects and traditions untouched by the various regimes that have ruled over the country throughout the years. In a culture where having guests is considered a blessing, you’ll be invited all over the place and treated like a long time friend. All while being super cheap.

Wine rules supreme and you’d better be ready for it. Traditional dining tables will have a “master of ceremony”, designated as such for being the one capable of consuming the largest amount of alcohol without being fazed. His role from thereon will be to make sure the toasts are carried out in the correct order and fashion and also to keep order at the table if the others are too inebriated to maintain proper conduct. In the largest of settings, such as a wedding, this man may be charged of directing parties of 1,000-2,000.

There are many nations and peoples that have reputations for their drinking habits; the Brits, the Germans, the Czechs, the Russians, and yet I’ve not met anybody who could stand their alcohol like the Georgians.

But so much remains to be said about this little parcel of land perched between Asia and Europe that I don’t know how to break it down, thus I’ve mostly let the cheesy video do the talking. Its beauty and its people are sure to accommodate anybody who would pass through it. Go there, seriously.


Text By Lewis Forsaith my travel buddy during this awesome trip.

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