Feeling confuse in Chiang Mai – It’s Okay to not knowing!

Vulnerability welcome! This is me right now…
But let’s start a few months ago.
It’s been a while I haven’t write something, and I feel the call to be melancholy or to simply express the soul through some words…
I came in Thailand to find some peace of mind, stillness, I’ve been on this deconditioning process since many years and I realize I’ve still a lot to do…
Being the passenger can be very scary and exhausted especially when you have a super sneaky and clever mind like mine… he will always try to get the control back!
Damn! Hahah
So after a week in Bangkok 2 months on Koh Phangan island in Thailand, a wonderful time in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I arrived a few days ago to Chiang Mai, a lovely city on north Thailand.
Chiang Mai is this digital nomad place that you can easily find some peace of mind surrounded by nature, temples, and mountains all around and not so far!
I’ve been dealing with kind of a heartbreak, the inconvenient of being a nomad and traveling, but this time was a bit different… Anyway, love is something really mysterious that can be scary at some point!
Feeling lost in a new city is a feeling I hardly know, but this is where I found all my strength my compassion, the love, creativity… when I let go the mind right!
So the purpose of this article is simply to say that not knowing everything is really okay because actually, it allows the magic to happen! And it’s part of being human!
Let’s be surprised by life…
I hope you will find the inspiration!
Take a big breath in, and big breath out…
Lots of love, and may the force be with you
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