~❂۞❂ The Experience of Life Throught your Breath ❂۞❂~
° BreathWork A Shamanic Ancestral Technique °

Welcome to the experience of being alive! The breathe itself is the Spirit of life, each breathe connect us to our physical & spiritual body. The breathe is a bridge between the Spirit world and our world.

Breathwork is a powerful form of active meditation done laying on your back breathing to music. This 3-stage breath (inhale/inhale/exhale) all throught to the mouth enables you to access a non-ordinary state of consciousness by turning down the higher cognitive functions of the brain.

With these parts of the brain turned down, other parts of the brain that typically lie dormant are activated. This gives rise to creative insights, breakthroughs and transformation. Breathwork enables you to to see and feel your life from a higher perspective, similar to the way psychedelics work. When you integrate this valuable information back into your life after the session is complete, you transform.


Breathwork creates a deep flow state that can feel as though you are in a waking dream, opening you to a higher state of consciousness and a deeper, clearer, connection to self. Through this breath, stress and fear melt away leaving you in a state of peace and ecstasy. Without fear present, we feel love, joy and gratitude.

Slow down your Breath to slow down time

Years of Breathing


Sound Frequency


Hours Holding Space


Lives Impacted

The practice can also be mixed with medicine plants such as Cacao, or Kava, or other.

It gives you the power to clear the mental, emotional and physical blockages that prevent you from connecting with your highest self and limitless potential, by laying on the floor and breathing. This new, increased flow of energy raises your own vibration and vitality and has the potential to elevate your life to heights you never thought were possible.

By opening your consciousness to what is, you will have access to deep clarity and guidance for your path. Lock your belt and be ready to travel!

Honoring the world of form and spirit; surrendering to endless death and rebirth; this is the source of all healing - the Shaman's power

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The creativity and expansiveness that spawns out of Breathwork is unique, which is why it makes for a valuable new tool for groups, businesses, teams and individual looking to improve their lives, problem solving capability, while increasing trust, connection and empathy across the group or within ourselves.

Over the course of 75 minutes, the group or the individual will be guided through a Breathwork journey that incorporates music designed to take you into you.

By hyper-oxygenating your body through the breath, you’ll experience a non-ordinary state of consciousness and gain access to transcendent dimensions within yourself. This specific type of breathing clears the mental, emotional and physical blockages that prevent access to the expansive pool of creative energy within you.

This is a powerful breath that can immediately shift you into a state of well-being and ecstasy while providing insight, clarity and creativity, not available in the ordinary waking plane.

The session concludes with a grounding meditation and integration that includes sharing about your experience.

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