Bio-Energetics is the study of life energy through the combination of scientific and spiritual techniques, knowledge and understanding to provide life vitality.  Combining these two processes (spiritual and scientific) enables a new type of method that integrates the essence and mechanics of life energy. From both perspectives, everything is vibrational energy. Everything from the macro to micro level is a vibration and these vibrations interact continuously creating life’s organic flux.

Matter is constructed of vibrational energy (particles oscillating to make atoms) and information passes through everything through vibrating neutrinos. The human body is not just made up of tissue, blood vessels, and organs, it is also composed of energy or what is known as chi or prana or vital energy.

All matter is energy at the sub-atomic level consisting of energetic fields interacting with each other. All matter emits photon particles of light or subtle energy. Bio-energetics draws on traditional methods of energy field knowledge and combines it with modern technologies and methods such as quantum mechanics to analyze and help correct imbalances in life’s energy fields. Using natural processes and tools, bio-energetics enhances life’s flux to create a greater life energy enabling consciousness to evolve in health, consciousness, abundance, and joy.

All living things, including the human body, have energy reserves used to maintain balances in its energy system. If the body is continually attacked by internal or external aggressions e.g. food or electromagnetic stress, these reserves are diminished, setting the stage for illness. The Bio-energetician can provide the missing links to re-establish balance in the energy reserves and help the natural life process to excel through shifts of consciousness and energy building exercises and support.

Bio-energetics is integral medicine. It allows you to heal your cells, your spirit in a deep way. 


If it resonates with you, I invite you to comment below, to share your experiences, and to get a healing session if you feel the need to release and clean up any blockages, fears, old believes that are no longer serving you. 

Lots of Love, Ben.

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