– Ben-LifeChanger Program – 

A 10 Days Immersion into Consciousness 

Private Coaching to the next level of your being

Are you ready to change your fate?

Body – Mind – Spirit – Shadow

I Move to your House!

10 Private Days to

Learn HOW to Surrender 

Find your own Flow with Life

– Join me in Koh Pha-ngan, Thailand –

The Ben-LifeChanger Program is the second Step or Level that I offer in your awakening process, deconditioning process. After Living The Kiff and the 7 habits we will dig deeper into your self-awareness. 

Whether it’s a physical, emotional, mental, energetic or nutritional change you are looking for to assist with your business or personal – we work together with rigor and discipline towards a better relationship with your employees, children, partner or with yourself. The Ben-LifeChanger program will bring you all the benefits you need to continue to improve your life for the better.

During 7 or 10 full days, the choice is yours to either join me in Thailand or  I join your home to together create new neurological circuits and connections to bring a massive change in your life, emotionally, physically, nutritional and spiritual.

It’s all about your believes systems.

I indeed share my lifestyle, my routine, I share my energy, my learnings, and experiences – we will work together to release fear, negatives energies clean up your blocks and little by little we will recreate this harmony with you, your soul, your heart, your higher self.

Ready for the adventure? 

What do you do during the 23h you're not with your coach? This is the Burning question! Because it's simple to have a Life Coaching session once a week... But How do you really live your life the rest of the time?

Where the magic already Happened 

  1. Bruxelles, Belgium 2015 – LifeChanger Program 2 weeks
  2. Berlin, Germany 2015 – LifeChanger Program 2 weeks
  3. Ibiza, Spain 2015 – LifeChanger Program 6 days
  4. Paris, France 2016 – LifeChanger Program 7 days
  5. Paris, France 2016 – LifeChanger Program 10 days
  6. Verbier, Switzerland 2016 – Seminars 3 days
  1. Monaco, France 2016 – LifeChanger Program 7 days
  2. Panarea, Sicily 2016 – LifeChanger Program 7 days
  3. Dakar, Senegal 2016 – LifeChanger Program 7 days
  4. Dakar, Senegal 2017 – Spiritual Warrior 7 days
  5. Oslo, Norway 2017 – LifeChanger Program 4 days
  6. California, USA 2017 – LifeChanger Program 21 days
  7. Dakar, Senegal 2018 – LifeChanger Program 10 days
  8. Koh Phangan, Thailand 2018 – LifeChanger Program 15 days
  9. Chiang Mai, Thailand 2018 – LifeChanger Program 10 days