What and Who is BenLifeChanger?


BenLifeChanger is an Experience, The Experience of Life itself.
A Modern Quantum Galactic Shamanic Healing, to experience the program,
the Matrix, the illusion of life called the Maya

It starts where all practice starts:
with self-reliance, inspiration, discipline, continuity, willpower, personal resilience
a yearning to grow,  to live as yourself and a huge desire to thrive.

It is a frequency, a practice, a real transformation in all the aspects and areas of your life.

The work has 4 core component:

The Human Design System ° BreathWork ° Spirit Consciousness ° Psychedelic 

“Through Special Forces to a Peaceful Warrior”

Between 2005-2012, Benjamin Torre went from being a Firefighter to a member of the French SAS’s elite Special Forces Parachute Regiment. His experiences became the catalyst for a great change. Violence, heartbreak and the deaths of friends showed him the limits of his chosen lifestyle – one of anger, conflict, frustration.

In 2012 after intense stress and depression, he attempted to his life and had an NDE. He gradually learned to refine his reactions to strong emotions and the difficult challenges life presented him.
He met a shaman in the Basque Country and reconnected to his psychic abilities. After years of developing clarity of mind and sensitivity to his body, mind, and spirit Ben has recorded and mapped out his own healing process, which now enables him to offer this same process to others.

Ben studied and worked with Manex Ibar a native shaman from the Basque Country, Jennifer Menke who is mentored by Native American spiritual elder La’ne Saan Moonwalke, and John P. Milton, one of the grandfathers of the environmental movement.

Ben also spent time in the Andes in Peru with the indigenous elders, Quechua tribes in Ausangate Mountain to learn the wisdom of nature, and connected to Mother Earth.

In the meantime, Ben signed up at the International Human Design School, where mentored by Laveena Lovick since 2016 he became a Living Your Design Guide Certified, and live today fully his true nature as a 6/2 Generator.

Where he was once aggressive, frustrated and quick to anger, Ben became calmer and more resilient, and where TV, social media and video games were his routines, the Human Design System, Breathwork, and Medicine Plants became his lifestyle.

You too can now benefit from his exclusive training program, designed specifically to encompass every aspect of our human experience – to help you learn and grow and heal in order to better serve others and fulfill your life’s purpose.

Everything about what you do in this life everything about what your life is going to be depends on what you decide. Its your decisions that make a difference. If I was going to tell you that in terms of something sophisticated I would tell you that everything that exists is moving. Everything is moving so if everything is moving life is about navigation. Its what its about. Every time you make a decision you make a movement and the moment you make that movement that movement leads to all kinds of things. It can lead you down a road you never ever get back from. It can lead you down a road that in the end you truly can’t stand. It can lead you into relationships with people, it can lead you into careers, it can lead you into all kinds of things that are just simply not for you. and you don’t want to wake up as the adults I deal with when they are 40 and 50 years old and they are wondering what the hell they did with their lives because they weren’t doing what was right for them.

See my trip is that I teach people to have their own authority. That’s what I do I teach you to have your own authority so you can trust in yourself that you don’t have to depend on somebody else to tell you what is right for you and whats wrong for you. there is nothing wrong guidance there is nothing wrong with information but you see the things that you decide to do in your life you are the only one that’s got to live with them.

Human Design teaches you that there is another place inside of you instead of your head where you can make a decision. Where you can make a decision, there is another place where you can make that decision. Its what I have been spending my life teaching. I teach them look its very simple stop trying to get an answer from your mind, and get an answer from what is real. What is real is buried inside of this form that you have.


I’ve been experimented many things in my life, but one the most powerful is the connection with the multidimensional being. Kid I’ve been victims from the MILABS, Military abduction. The U.S gov and NASA work with the Secret Space Program about the control of the truth on the earth and universe. StarSeeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth.

Shamanism is the most ancient and powerful spirituality. It’s the blood of primordial man. Shamans are technicians of the deeply sacred. They are the universes powerful links between other dimensions, worlds and realms.

Bio-Energetics is the study of life energy through the combination of scientific and spiritual techniques, knowledge and understanding to provide life vitality.  Combining these two processes (spiritual and scientific) enables a new type of method that integrates the essence and mechanics of life energy.