♠️ The Original Diaries ♠️  #9

Life of a 6/2

To the results – Every year, the first week of January I set some intentions or ideas for the coming year… Today, sitting in my little chalet duplex in Grenoble, I’m contemplating my year while drinking my yogi tea! Dude what a life, I dare you to tell me it doesn’t work!

How was 2018? Do you journal your life? 
I do! It gives me the best possibility to truly study myself.
And how amazing it is, to actually see what I’ve accomplished.

I started my year by climbing a 2.300M top in the French Alpes, then I moved out from London, I went to Senegal lead a BenLifeChanger retreat, I met the king of the savanna in the Gambia and spent time with wild baby Lions!

I paddled in the middle of the mangrove, African’s lunges!

Then I flew to Asia where I spent almost 7 months between Thailand Malaysia and Laos. 
I had one of the most magical crazy time, met such amazing souls, people who became friends who became family!

I did some crazy ecstatic dance, diving, chilling, making love 

I’ve been interviewed for a documentary called HOPE

And then I responded yes with my sacral on another road trip, I bought a ticket and Flew to California, where I spent another 3 months! 
Burning man, Bhakti Fest, surfing and skating in Los Angeles, Long Beach, singing in a piano bar in San Fran, so so many things to say, it was just incredible time!!

Then Paris, living the bohemian life in Montmartre, London for her beauty and the Xmas light… and now back to Grenoble, getting ready for 2019!

I can’t thank enough all of you guys – it was an incredible year!
I believe the last one traveling for now, as I’m looking for more stability and I finally find where I want to settle, it will be a surprise for 2019!

So are you ready to change your fate and design your life for your career and success! Are you ready to let go of the frustration, the anger, the bitterness that rules your life? And finally, claim your uniqueness?

Comment below YES! And Let’s make it happen together!

I offer especially for the first 10 people who buy 2 sessions 1 free coaching/healing

Don’t wait anymore to transform your life! It is short, extremely short!

Live the Kiff! The French word whom means the cream of the cream!

Looking forward to seeing ya 🤪😁💙


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