♠️ The Original Diaries ♠️ #7

Well, well, well, it has been a while since I actually write a proper “Original Dairies”
Let’s talk about extremes, shall we? I’m 31 on Xmas and when we’re young we talked about the distinction between the hero and the villain, good and evil, a savior and a lost cause. 
But what if the only real difference is just who’s telling the story? Who do you choose to listen, the mind, or your intuition, and both are very very different and distinct…

I believe in our society we have been so repressed to behave, right? All the time, “just behave”, you cannot say that, you cannot do that, don’t rock the boat, control your emotions, don’t cry, don’t fuck loudly, don’t be, just control yourself, or whatever the hell it was, you just cannot, you have to behave!

Let’s say it together: FUCK OFF
I don’t know for you, but I’ve been feeling this pressure under my shoulders since way too long, to be a role model, to be the one who should show example…

Let me tell you what I believe – NOT MY FUCKING PROBLEMS-

This is what I believe – Don’t be a fucking spiritual person because even spiritual people expect you to behave! FUCK OFF – Just be free, and do whatever the hell you want as long as you don’t harm around you.

I’ve been doing this spiritual, healing counseling whatever bullshit job you wanna call it, I’ve been calling myself by so many ridiculous names, claiming or pretending the bloody hell thing I do not know…

I’m not, I’m really not this hero or model you are looking for, don’t make mistakes, cuz I just don’t give a shit, end of the day, this is me, me and me again.

But what I can be, in another hand, is a role model on how to don’t give a shit and live who the hell I want to be by just not giving a damn shit about whatever people think.

So in our “behave well” we in a sense miss out something about our lives, about what does it mean to be alive, HOW can you find the right balance if you don’t experiment the extremes?

I embrace everything, the good and the bad. And I go for it. Jim Rohn uses to say welcome all experiences you never know which one will turn your life around.
Sometimes I want to be sad, I want to be angry, sometimes I’m here to experience grief and sadness, and to yell at people, to scream and to tell the world to fuck off! And I have the right to do that!

Being in the extremes is healthy – it shows you the balance

Today I feel giving up on all these things, and starting over, getting a normal safe paycheck job, I just feel I want to go on the island, dancing, having sex, taking drugs and getting high, I just don’t want any responsibilities, I want to be a hippy, feeling free, and surrounded by love, all the time, staying beautiful all the time… And I tell you what, very often it’s when we give up and lose ourselves that we actually find ourselves and it generally gives us purpose again.

So think about it my friend, is it worth? To keep pushing, to behave that you don’t allow your soul to express and experiment? Because it is just a game, just a game… And there is nothing to prove or to become here. You are already complete by simply being here.

Hope it gives you enough to think about it…

I will see you on the island, at the Ecstatic Dance, on Magic Mushroom exploring the darkest part of my being through the universe consciousness, embracing the dark and getting intimate with myself…

Stay Beautiful  and just keep going, Be you, Be Klaus!

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