♠️ The Original Diaries ♠️ #5

We met 5 years ago, I cannot explain it but something happened, we knew it was only the beginning…

I can still hear his voice telling me “one day we will travel together in America”

And here we are… America

He is one of the most inspiring person I ever met, one of the rare that truly know me…

And for that, I’m very grateful.

One day I read this quote “Life is only about people we meet and things we create with them”

It became my mantra.

Yannick and I haven’t seen each other for almost 2 years… and it has been a month now that we travel.
From Reno, Nevada, to Burning Man, the beauty from Nevada City and the rivers in California, the gay culture in the bay area, singing and playing music in a western bar, the Mexicano district of mission in San Francisco, to Los Angeles, and yoga festivals…

Anyway, Ouffissiiiim as we say in French, Living the Kiff!

Today he flew to Peru, I dropped him at the airport.

Walking to the gate, hat on the head, the guitar on the hand, behind his shoulder, he throws me a “see you soon l’artiste!”

It’s about being in the flow, following the energy when it’s time to do or not… Follow and the magic will happen, don’t, well, be ready to get a storm!

Go out and start exploring! Because the world is full of magical people that deserve to know!

Following his heart is priceless.

Stay beautiful, keep shining your light and celebrating life.

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