♠️ The Original Diaries ♠️ #4 

* Desert Joshua Tree – California *

When you change – everything will change for you

When you get better – everything will get better for you

All you‘ve got to do is look at yourself and change!

Change the way to make decisions – Start to respond.

Anybody who is a generator has to recognize that they have no inner authority unless they are asked.
So they do not know what’s right or wrong for them unless they are asked. They can’t If you really want to know what is right and wrong for you in this life, it can only come through that response.

Generators generally live out a being that has very little connection to what they actually are. So 9 times out of 10, the majority of things in their life don’t belong to them.

The majority of things that they think are right, wrong, good, and bad don’t belong to them. The career that they have, and so forth and so on, don’t belong to them.

I dare you to be different.

Stay Beautiful – All the time

Love yourself

Photo credit: Yannick Bellissand

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