♠️ The Original Diaries ♠️ #3

Bhakti Festival 2018 – Joshua tree Desert

Dan: Do you wanna join us at Bhakti Fest?

Me: Hum-Hum, yes yes!

My mind: are you insane!!! You don’t have so much money atm, you should work…

Me: Chill the fuck out homie! It’s gonna be okay!

There are no words to describe this experience… Shortly back in Oakland from Burning Man, and this crazy road trip with Yannick, that my sacral had something new to respond to.

Dan, called a friend at the Healing Sanctuary, and voila, we were part of the team…

Things always work out when you trust the process and follow the sacral.

The girl just close to our camp is carrying a snake called Harmony… And her name is Galaxy Star…

People walk and smile, I keep repeating beautiful all all the time…

Yoga, workshops, tantra, breathwork, music, my soul is so so so happy, I feel the love flowing.

What else can I tell you… I breathe the beauty of life, there is no limit. Joy is here.

Sitting on the bench, Yannick plays some music with the guitar, I keep telling to people how beautiful they are.

They smile, they laugh, some of them jump on my neck for a hug, others just kiss me…
Love is here.

The culture, the openness, the beauty of each human being…

And then I meet this woman, she is smiling at me… Beautiful, so beautiful, shining and celebrating life…

Love is all we need, so love as much as you can.

Stay beautiful, keep shining your light, celebrating life.

With blessings & Love

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