Welcome to your uniqueness

Let your weird light shine bright so the other weirdos know where to find you

Hi, I’m Ben,


Generator 6/2. I burned out in 2012, met a shaman, and left my old brainwashed boring job as a Military Paramedic into the French SAS, Special-Forces and started my journey.


Spirit Consciousness Guide & White Galactic Wizard, I Define in Order to Equalize. Measuring Opportunity. I seal the Store of Death With the Self-Existing tone of Form I am guided by the power of Spirit.


By using The Human Design System my trip is to teach people how they can have their own authority. How they can get the most from this life. When you coach with me you will find out what it truly means to be you and to live correctly as yourself. To have SATISFACTION

Are you a bit Fucked?

We are only Passenger Consciousness here to observe the stream that is our life

Acknoledging your inner dialogue is the key to your awakening.
The mind has no clue, and will never be an authority.
But since the beginning we have been taught to be rational in the way we feel and take decisions.
So slowly the voice took place in our head and started to believe that she is in charge of the movie…

No, no, no, and this, this is what makes you miserable…
Believing the story that is living in your head.
The mind is someone who is living in your head without paying a rent…


The relationship with yourself will be the only true one relationship
that you will have your entire life, be sure she is authentic…


We are Spiritual being living a human experience.


The only way to do great work
is to love what you do.
Find your passion, and share it with the world.  

You are incredibly unique. This is what we all acknowledge.
Your DNA, physical body, digestive system, mental patterns, emotional waves, willpower, beliefs, past experiences, and current lifestyle are all personalized to you. By understanding this uniqueness, you are finally able to live in alignment with who you really are.



Years of Experience


Htz Love Frequency


Country Visited


Life Impacted

3 Reason to work with Ben!


  1. Our very nature is LOVE, so there is no need to search for it, no need to work at it. To be the Source of LOVE means you are no longer striving for love, YOU ARE LOVE.
  2. 7 years of experience, I have helped and impacted thousands of people like you to speak their truth, to find their natural way to their own unique version of happiness and fulfillment. To be who they truly are.
  3. I will be virtually or personally at your side, holding a space, guiding you week by week to return to love unity consciousness with yourself. 


Who is this Journey for?


  • If you are on the cusp of change and can’t figure out how to make it happen, this coaching is for you.
  • You still try to figure out what it means to be a generator and how you live out your strategy and authority
  • You are trying to apply the same techniques that worked for you in the past and not getting results. That’s because your level of consciousness has shifted and you need guidance.
  • You are at a crossroads and need a guide who can take you out of your old comfort zone and into a whole new experience of being yourself.
  • You have a business or want to start as an entrepreneur, you feel you want to give back to this world and share your passion but don’t know how to monetize. Do you need a business coach who works intuitively and organically with a creative flow to ensure your natural success?

Would you like to spend the next 3 – 12 months working personally with me?

Select your Guidance

Ben is an amazing human being! His coaching has helped me understand more about my nature as a Projector and who I am and to be where I am right now, which is pretty awesome. Thank you so much
- Sia Di, CEO & Author at LuvMaking

The Human Design System

“The Human Design System is not religious, it isn’t spiritual,

it isn’t moralistic, it’s any of those things – it’s just a mechanism.”

The most accurate self-knowledge

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.

It provides you with simple yet effective tools to enhance your life, reducing confusion, stress, and resistance. It is essentially your own navigation tool.

What it can do for you: 

  • Consistently make correct decisions
  • Enjoy stress-free decision making
  • Get your timing right
  • Understand your unique characteristics
  • Be confident in your uniqueness
  • Recognize & overcome negative conditioning
  • Live and Love without fear
“The point is: are you awake? Being awake is not going up into the Himalayas and doing mantras for 35 years,
and it isn’t about waiting for some kind of light to shine – it isn’t for the master’s word. It is simply following your
nature – being yourself.”

Retreats & Workshops

Awakening Consciousness requires immersive retreat.
As for your Business or Personal Life, Self-Awareness is the KEY.
Ben and his team lead programs, workshops and spiritual retreats all over the world.

Peru, Sicily, Glastonbury UK, Colorado & California US, France, Senegal, Thailand

The Shasta Experience

Take a break from the Mundane!

Do you feel you could benefit a quick break from the mundane crazy busy routine?


Join us in the Siskiyou County at Mount Shasta, CA, the Root Chakra on Earth

  • 7 full days surrounded by nature
  • Take time for yourself to rest and release your physical and emotional tension
  • Readjust your needs and get clarity for your life
  • Find guidance on your next step and direction
  • Get deep satisfaction and self-confidence
  • No wifi, but we promise, you will find a better connection…

May, 2nd to 12th 2019

Spiritual Warrior Retreat 

Cusco, Sacred Valley, Peru

Join us and let the magic happen!

A Sacred Rite of Passage

Vision Quest A Modern Shamanic Experience

Crestone, Colorado

Date on request for groups or individual

Living Your Design & Plants Medicine

Mt Shasta, California

We also offer exclusivity for 6/2 Profil, groups and individual

Private Coaching

I come to YOUR Home 

 10 Full Days to build new healthy habits 

Contact me and stay beautiful all the time!


Blog & Media

As a philanthropic, visionary, author and reporter, Benjamin dedicates his life to sharing information and bring consciousness knowledge to humanity through interviews and articles.

Ben has his own Youtube Channel Conscious Spirit Media, a worldwide brand that interviews many different types of people from all walks of life.

Ben’s work is also a big part of the extraterrestrial civilization and Secret Space Program Disclosure.

Ben is present each year at the Ufology World Congress as a Press Member.

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