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✩ ♅ ☥ Welcome on board ☥ ♅ ✩

“We are born pure in essence but get tainted by so many ideals, behaviours,

events and people that we move away from our true selves and forget who we truly are.

We all go through a conditioning imposed by society, family, peers… because that is our human initiation. 

However, our conditioning ultimately costs us our birthright to joy, freedom, peace and love.”

Who is Ben ?

Ben is a very energetic and enthusiastic young man. Born in Grenoble, south east of France in the Alpes, he grows up in the mountains in middle of nature and animals. He is passionate about the human potential and constantly learning and having new experiences.

As a spiritual entrepreneur, philanthropic Ben is today an international Consultant and Conference Leader for Personal Development & Awakening Consciousness. Public Speaker he creates a massive shift in the consciousness by living a life out of the box.

During the last 4 years Ben has participated in a lot of different workshops and retreats to free himself and release blockages with his past and childhood. Today he mixes a traditional vision quest, the Hoffman process, and an army commando training from his experience to empower oneself and release anger, stress, depression, let go of negative emotions and open your mind and soul to a higher level of consciousness.

He’s caring about every humans, animals and nature. Interested about performance through the humans being, nutrition, physical body and healthy his focus is to « seed » new systems of light originating from the « stars » to benefits the community, raise up the frequency of the earth and grow up the humans race in a world full of Love, Joy, Abundance.

Dear universe, I'm totally open to something amazing coming in my life
Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

A short view about when and how my journey started…

  • Beginning :

Born the 25 December 1987 during the evening – Damn I mess up the Christmas diner ! Dad, Mum Welcome it’s me. Nine months later, in shape, I was running and dancing everywhere. Thanks hunt, the world is mine now. Actually my parents hadn’t no idea about what they can expected. Two years old, my parents divorced. It was the choc for me. The next 14 years was between ups and downs, between a house and an other. I lost all my self confidence, self love and self esteem…

  • School :

To be honest school wasn’t for me. But actually who likes school ? Seriously ? It’s fucking boring, especially the french education. Anyway, I was more interested about the birds outside or playing in nature that learn the stupid things we learned. At the age of 15 I got a massive depression, and after different therapy my parents finally give up the idea to conforme me in the systems. Not at all, absolutely not for me.

  • The world of possibility :

At the age of 16 I joined the FireFighter teams as a volunteer. Six months later I was ready to go in intervention. I saw my first died human, saved my first life and broke 2 bones by doing a cardiac massage. Missed to died in a fire, but anyway my life was exciting. I left school when I was 17 years old to follow my heart and enjoying my life which was skiing and be a Firefighter.

  • Secret Services :

October 2007 after asking to be a professional firefighter in Paris, After a specific test and 2 times 2 intense weeks of test I got the opportunity to go in the army in the special force as a commando in the black ops. 7 months later I left. After thinking, I was to young, and not ready for that. But the experience I had, the things I learned was absolutely insane and amazing. Damn I’m only 20 and I had an access to some amazing things you can only see in a video game.

  • Been with the flow :

September 2008, I was with a girl since a year, but decided to moved to Thailand and worked as a PADI dive master. The european culture wasn’t for me. I learn a lot from the Asia culture and spend some time in the monastery. After a road trip in Laos and Myanmar, 3 Full moon party, an amazing dive with sharks, whales, and gorgeous fish I came back in 2009 in France.

I was feeling something deeper called me, but wasn’t really aware. Simply following the flow… I got and did many different job, and in 2010, guess what ?

  • French Commando – Again !

2010, I signed up again in the French SAS, Special Forces Services for 3 years. To be honest, I don’t really know why, but I guess I was looking for gratitude. It was the worst and beautiful time of my life, I create really strong bond and connection with my friends, but I was absolutely living in a world full of rubbish, brain washing, media, war, anger, fears etc etc…

  • Death and Rebirth :

In 2012 I was so depressed, so stressed, everything was wrong at work, I was hating myself it was too much, too much guilt, shame, that I make a suicide at work. I was reaching the no return point. One of my best died in a clandestine mission, no needed to say how it choked me.

Few weeks later I was still in the army but in transition to stop and leave definitely the systems. I met a shaman and started a Shamanic training, in the basque Country with him, around Healing, energetics and genetics. I left the army in 2013 January and started looking at a deep self-development, with myself to heal all the wounds.

  • You can’t screw up your destiny !

My destiny wasn’t to stay in army, since 2013 I did 2 Vision Quest with Manex Ibar and John P.Milton, worked with medicinal plants like ayahuasca and mushrooms, they bring me deep deep down into the shadow of my being, it was a very painful and intense process but necessary to realese all the negatives energy from my field, I worked along very intuitive people who taught me a lot about myself and gave to me a deeper understanding of the human nature and what drives it. I was very interested in energy work and understanding life and the Universe. I also get a very rational approach of the humans behaviour and became certified LifeCoach in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP) and Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). I read and educate myself, with some Harvard course about the different intelligence, went to a lot of seminar, interviewed successful and epic people. I was really interested about the social dynamic, childhood and relationships.

At the same time, in 2013 I did my NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certification to become a Personal Trainer and my Crossfit Coach Level one Certification in London.

  • London, Life is only about Love !

I moved to London in January 2015, at this moment of my life I wasn’t expected massive changement which ones I will cross. I’ve been a PT in Equinox, High Street Kensington, and a Crossfit Coach, living in a gorgeous flat in South Ken, everything was perfect, but I was still looking for happiness and love. Do you know this little voice in your head who says, “well, things are going well, too well…” And then you push the self destruct button ?

I met a woman, who actually changed my whole life, it was the most beautiful relation I ever had. Unfortunately I learned painful lessons and paid the karma for all my past relations with girls I guess. She literally destroy my heart. But the lessons I learn, has no prices. My journey with her bring me deep inside the wounds with my mother and my childhood. She was a huge reflection of myself, and teach me self love, self compassion, she teaches me forgiveness, self acceptance, and unconditional love. She showed me how beautiful I am.

I went to the Hoffman Process in October 2015 which was one of the most intense therapy I ever did. Find the courage to figure out all the shit of your life is not really easy.

  • Live In the present moment

Today, After 3 years of traveling around the world, and 22 countries with a deep self-development, I’m now offering private and group consultations to help people align with their bodies and essence with healing. Create the perfect balance between body, mind & spirit.

By doing Spiritual Life Coaching with Quantum Energetic Healing I create a massive shift in the consciousness. I’m also recognized in spiritual consciousness, shamanism, and human energy systems by using my clairvoyance, I’m channeling information to lead you and give you a guidance. Providing guidance to businesses and individuals in establishing systems of change for optimization, purpose, and elevated states of consciousness, Born as a Starseed, I’ve a strong connection with Arcturians, Pleadians, and Blue Avians, with a range of extra-sensory abilities including clairvoyance and emotional compassion and feeling, I interacts with parallel dimensions and easily translates spiritual information & principles into grounded.

I help clarify Life’s Energy Consciousness and provides guidance to fluidly navigate life in synchronicity & harmony while raising conscious awareness. Using ancient technical knowledge and wisdom of the Spirit, Mind & Body systems, I deeply aligns individuals and groups with core cosmic and earth based connection,  genetic understanding, subconscious patterning and energy systems to enhance individual & group realization : “Be a Spiritual Warrior

With Blessing & Love – Ben

The Ben's World & Project

I’ve been experimented many things in my life, but one the most powerful is the connection with the multidimensional being. Kids I’ve been victims from the MILABS, Military abduction. The U.S gov and NASA work with the Secret Space Program about the control of the truth on the earth and universe. StarSeeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions other than on Earth. Star Seeds may also have had previous life times on earth. As a Starseed, I speak about whatever is going on with the power of now, self development, multi-dimensional consciousness, love, fears, wrong beliefs, programming, lightbody upgrades, light activations, awakening, consciousness, DNA, quantum physic, the unified field, to be present right here and right now in this physical reality.

Shamanism is the most ancient and powerful spirituality. It’s the blood of primordial man. Shamans are technicians of the deeply sacred. They are the universes powerful links between other dimensions, worlds and realms.

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