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Born as a Starseed, Benjamin Torre is a Spiritual Consultant, Public Speaker and Success Mentor.

Philanthropic, visionary and Role Model; Ben is simply bringing you to Love Unity Consciousness

by sharing self-confidence, self-love, self-acceptation, self-forgiveness and self-awareness.

Ben is a Life Changer, he has being designed to respond to life, to respond in the now through a powerful sacral energy, his incarnation Cross has the energy to guide and correct the behavior of others. This energy includes opinions to evaluate the logical process and correction to enhance how it is done. His purpose is to get at a better way of doing things and bring greater joy to live. He brings “correction” by trying to prevent unhealthy behaviours / actions in others before they happen. His purpose is fulfil through transformation.  


He is traveling the world to lead retreats and offering guidance with clarity to bring more awareness into your life or your work through his retreat and workshop, between America and Europe where he shares his knowledge with wisdom. He is caring about those 4 dimension, Body, Mind, Spirit & Shadow Crossfit coach, Ex-French Commando Military, Natural Healer, Yoga addict, Starseed who is helping many around the world create a shift into consciousness.
From the varied experiences in his life and the conclusions of quantum physics law he feels and lives by the fact the entire world is just an illusion, a video game, a program, and also a pure reflection of our inner world.

My Philosophy & Purpose

– Medicine is love, Love is Medicine –

Wise men say that rushing is violence and so is your silence…

Rushing yourself in the middle of this jungle is what you call your freedom

But let me share with you the wisdom from my circle

Brothers and Sisters togethers let’s walk with grace, Cuz’ I know your real face, and I trust your hands

Find your teachers in the voice of the forests

Nature is our home so make it your temple

Like everyone else in the world, you have a unique mission of incarnation.
it still remains silently within, yearning to express itself.

Spiritual Warriors are all around the world, expressing their light, champion of light walking with grace

My philosophy is a daily conscious action to improve your lifestyle.
I’ve been train my whole life to share with you this knowledge around the fire

Feel the call of your soul and let’s start the dance of the beauty of life and love

Learning from spirits world that wisdom can’t be ignored,

With the sound of my drum find the healing in music by opening your heart to pure unity consciousness
I hope you will find the courage and will to dedicate yourself to your liberation.


Consultant in personal growth and spiritual awakening, Ben is a recognised authority in shamanism and galactic healing for offering guidance and clarity.

Consulting sessions are a 2 hour sessions that remove any blocks or fears that have been holding people back in their lives. It’s a beautiful process that will help you to free yourself and return to unity, to source, to unconditional love with yourself and others.

Can be used for any area that’s not working such as health, career, relationships, money and addictions. And at the end, Ben will always teach you self-love.

Do you want to improve your Personal and Spiritual Life?

Are you really happy or simply really comfortable?

Do you love yourself? I mean truly love yourself? 

no more bullshit, no more hiding, no more excuses

Are you living your Purpose? 

The only way to do great work, is to love what you do. Find your passion, and share it to the world.  


Through a growing immersive consciousness experience.

From The StandoutLine TV Show “The Spiritual Warrior is a Badass Therapy of love”


The Spiritual Warrior – A Jedi Philosophy

A 7 or 12 weeks mentoring is a full process allows for the work to be done correctly where you are balanced energetically, you understand your genetic mechanics, your subconscious programming and beliefs as well and most importantly your personal spiritual connection to reconnect yourself to your true essence between your mind, body, spirit and shadow.

Having a results-focused coach means being able to turn life’s challenges and obstacles into opportunities and rewards. Whether in business or in life, a Mentor will help minimize frustration and confusion by helping you develop a crystal clear vision of your life and master time management, and by providing powerful strategies and tools to help maximize freedom and fulfillment in life

We are born pure in essence but get tainted by so many ideals, behaviours, events and people that we move away from our true selves and forget who we truly are. We all go through a conditioning imposed by society, family, peers… because that is our human initiation. However, our conditioning ultimately costs us our birthright to joy, freedom, peace and unconditional love.

I am here to help you along the way to reconnect with your true essence and support you in your authentic life recovery. It is a beautiful and difficult process during which it is always nice to have a sounding board who has gone through the motions – maybe not the same but can offer you compassion, advice and guidance on how to live this new authentic life with self love, self acceptance and self compassion.

Human Design

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences,and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.
It provides you with simple yet effective tools to enhance your life,reducing confusion, stress and resistance.
It is essentially your own navigation tool

Human Design, the most accurate self-knowledge

The Human Design System is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences, and has proven to be a valuable tool for human understanding.

It provides you with simple yet effective tools to enhance your life, reducing confusion, stress and resistance. It is essentially your own navigation tool.

There has never been such an exact and so perfectly logical method that would x-ray a human being with such a precision. No other method can strip down and grasp our nature, both from the inside and the outside, and guide us towards where it is right just for us, in any area of our lives. It shows us and describes to us the way of Self mastery. Human Design is not about faith, spirituality or morality, it is pure mechanics, science of differentiation. It maps each person’s initial imprint which carries their unique potential. For each person, the quality of natural has a different meaning. What is natural for one may not be natural for other. Every person comes to this world with a specific inner authority, a guide to making decisions in their life and a strategy to follow.

The founder, Ra Uru Hu, received this knowledge in 1987 and for the next 25 years, dedicated himself to developing this profound and comprehensive system.

Do you want to gain a deeper understanding of the Human Design System?

Retreats & Workshops

Awakening consciousness requiers immersive retreat. Ben and his team leads programs, workshops, and spiritual retreat all over the world.

Peru, Sicily, Glastonbury U.K, Colorado U.S, France, Senegal


Blog & Medias

As a philanthropic, visionary, author, and reporter Benjamin dedicate his life to share information

and bring consciousness knowledge to humanity through interviews and articles.

Ben has his own Youtube Channel Conscious Spirit Media,

a worldwide brand that interviews many different types of people from all walks of life.

Ben’s work is also a big part of the extraterrestrial civilisation and Secret Space Program disclosure.

Ben is present each year at the Ufology World Congress as a Press Member.



“My dear brothers and sisters, Dear humans, All the informations you gonna read have been channeling through my Higher Self from guides and galactic members. I’m not asking you to believe it, it’s a pure transmission from higher frequency, tune into it, feel into it......

J’émet cette idée, et si écrire nos objectifs chaque année fonctionné, et si tout été possible? Pourquoi se limiter? Comme disait Nelson Mandela lors de son discours, il y a aucune fierté à jouer petit, à ce faire petit et s’interdire de briller. On est......

Interviewed by Steve Nobel from The Soul Matrix, Ben is talking about possibilities and infinity potential.

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