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Benjamin Torre is an International Speaker and Leader for Personal Development & Awakening Consciousness.
He is talking about whatever is going on with Shamanism, Consciousness, Spirits world, Energy, Emotional trauma, Healing, Galactic Being, Quantum Physics, DNA Activation… He see himself as a Spiritual Leader & Natural Healer. From the varied experiences in his life and the conclusions of quantum physics law he feels and lives by the fact the entire world is just an illusion, a creation from our mind, a pure reflection of our inner world.


My Philosophy & Purpose

Life is beautiful, is an experience full of joy, happiness and love.

Life has no meaning. Each of us has meaning and we bring it to Life. It is a waste of time to be asking the question when you are the answer. We do not enter the future, we create it.

My purpose, is to show you a new world, full of possibility, to shake you and to wake you up, to remind you as we are all one, all connected living on the earth, a living organism which is our mother, to reconnect yourself to your higher-self, to your true essence, to your innocence, to love…

Individual or Groups Sessions

What are you looking for ?

Spiritual LifeCoaching & Personal training & Natural Healing Sessions.

We are born pure in essence but get tainted by so many ideals, behaviours, events and people that we move away from our true selves and forget who we truly are. We all go through a conditioning imposed by society, family, peers… because that is our human initiation. However, our conditioning ultimately costs us our birthright to joy, freedom, peace and unconditional love.

I am here to help you along the way to reconnect with your true essence and support you in your authentic life recovery. It is a beautiful and difficult process during which it is always nice to have a sounding board who has gone through the motions – maybe not the same but can offer you compassion, advice and guidance on how to live this new authentic life with self love, self acceptance and self compassion.

I ask you, HOW would your life be if you lived authentically? What would your life look like if you could remember who you truly were ?

Life Changing Retreats

Awakening consciousness requiers immersive retreat. Ben leads programs, workshop, and yoga retreat all over the world.


Events coming up

My job is to not be easy on people. My job is to make them better.

TED2012: Full Spectrum. February 27 - March 2, 2012. Long Beach, CA. Photo: Ryan Lash
Talk – 1h
Awakening Consciousness
26 November 2016 
Spirituality festival
London, U-K
Ashtanga Yoga retreat
Spiritual Development
2 – 11 February 17
Verbier, Switzerland 

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